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Venture Capital

Kairos FoodTech Fund

Proprietary Deal Flow

Exclusive access to deal flow opportunities within the Foodtech sector.

Dedicated Expert Team 

Experienced & specialized Food Tech team with successful track record. Brings strong and wide network of business and government contacts.

Clear Investment Strategy

Clear investment exit strategies and pathway. Co-investment rights, discounted valuation & investing in Asia JV entity.

Our Focus

Focusing on the consumer FoodTech sector


Cell Lines

  • Building blocks to produce cultivated meats

  • High-quality cell lines are essential - safety and taste of cultivated meat

  • Lack of open-source cell lines


Alternative Proteins

  • Health and environmental concerns

  • Plant-based analogues from legumes, grains and vegetables

  • Real meat cultivated from animal cells



  • Various channels to distribute products – restaurants, grocers, online delivery.

  • Vertical farms are expected to become an enhanced substitute of traditional farming

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