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Venture Capital

At Kairos Capital Group we provide bespoke venture capital services and curate venture capital funds or products for multi-family office, high net worth individuals and institutions.


Some services includes;

  1. Sector focused based Venture capital funds

  2. Single asset special purpose vehicles set up

  3. Multi-asset special purpose vehicles set up

The venture capital funds created can be on-shore or off-shore investment vehicles.


In Singapore the on-shore venture capital funds set up are housed under the Kairos Venture Capital VCC wholly managed by Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd.

Kairos FoodTech Fund

In Partnership with Phillip Capital

Proprietary Deal Flow

Exclusive access to deal flow opportunities within the Foodtech sector.

Dedicated Expert Team 

Experienced & specialized Food Tech team with successful track record. Brings strong and wide network of business and government contacts.

Clear Investment Strategy

Clear investment exit strategies and pathway. Co-investment rights, discounted valuation & investing in Asia JV entity.

Our Focus

Focusing on the consumer FoodTech sector


Cell Lines

  • Building blocks to produce cultivated meats

  • High-quality cell lines are essential - safety and taste of cultivated meat

  • Lack of open-source cell lines


Alternative Proteins

  • Health and environmental concerns

  • Plant-based analogues from legumes, grains and vegetables

  • Real meat cultivated from animal cells



  • Various channels to distribute products – restaurants, grocers, online delivery.

  • Vertical farms are expected to become an enhanced substitute of traditional farming

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